Be An Entrepreneur

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Be An Entrepreneur

أماكن بيع الكتاب

Entrepreneurship: Principles and Practices


Professor Ahmed Ahshumaimri

الإدارةريادة الاعمال

تاريخ النشر: 01/01/2023عدد الصفحات: 366 الناشر: مكتبة العبيكان
نبذة عن الكتاب

This textbook is designed for both undergraduate and graduate courses that focus on entrepreneurship theory and practice. In this book strong emphasis is placed on interesting clear and readable writing. Because the many examples and exercise cover a widely variety of different applications, this book is appropriate for many disciplines. The previous pilot edition has been used successfully by majors in business, computer science, biology, education, engineering, social science, humanities, health, medicine, and others. It is structured to have three major parts.

Part I explains the requirements for being a successful entrepreneur. It challenges the young person to demonstrate his power of creativity, innovation, and bravery. It also guides the young person in selecting a viable business opportunity.

Part II teaches the discipline of writing a plan for the business. It starts by explaining the many things that must be taken into consideration when writing a business plan. The business plan is a large-scale plan encompassing smaller-scale plans in areas such as marketing, operations, and financing. The marketing plan gives the entrepreneur, and prospective investors, a sense of potential sales. The operations plan describes what the start-up entrepreneur can expect when moving forward with operations and incurring costs and expenses. Then the financial plan ties all of these projections together. It evaluates the returns and risks on investment

Part III discusses the implementation of the business plan. The business owner secures funding from venture capitalists or “angel” investors. He hires managers, specialists, and staff. He manages day-today operations. He monitors progress and puts in control mechanisms. This rhythm of work could continue for a long, happy time.

Prof. Ahmed Alshumaimri



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